Client Onboarding Process.

Costly Ad Spend

Hiring Addtional Sales/BD Reps

Time Wasted On Prospecting

More Time For Closing Deals

Value Proposition Consuiting We jump on a call to dial in your value proposition and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) so you have the foundation for a successful LinkedIn outreach campaign

Profile Landing Page We optimize your headline and summary so that your profile stops reading like a resume and more so as a powerful landing page to attract and convert your ideal customers.

Messaging Development We write a custom drip messaging sequence specific to your ICP thať’s designed to generate warm conversations and ultimately sales appointments.

Lead Targeting We figure out how to identify and target your ideal customers on Linkedin and provide some search queries that fit your ICP.

 We will alert you of the pre qualified lead and you can schedule a sales call/meeting

Once payment is made, please wait you will be redirected automatically to scheduling a call